FinInG is a GAP package for computation in Finite Incidence Geometry developed by John Bamberg, Anton Betten, Philippe Cara, Jan De Beule, Michel Lavrauw and Max Neunhoeffer. The package provides basic tools to work in various areas of finite geometry from the realms of projective spaces to the flat lands of generalised polygons. FinInG relies on the algebraic power of GAP and some of its packages, in particular on the functionality with matrix and permutation groups.


FinInG provides the basic functionality for the following objects.


FinInG depends on the following GAP packages: forms 1.2.3, GAPDoc 1.6, orb 4.7.6, GRAPE 4.7, IO, GenSS 1.6.4, cvec 2.5.7. FinInG is distributed together with GAP. Installing the most recent version of GAP will include all the required pacakges. Please read carefully the included INSTALL file, or the Install section in the FinInG documentation.


Documentation is available as [html] or [pdf].

Bugs, questions and issues?

Please use the FinInG issue tracker, or send a message to support 'at' '


The FinInG package is available for download under terms and conditions of the GNU Public License Version 2 or higher. To download the FinInG package it is required to provide a valid email address, to which a single use download link will be sent. Your e-mail address will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for other purposes than occasional contact with our user base.

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