Harvey M. Friedman

Harvey M. Friedman was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1948.

He received his PhD in mathematics at the age of 18 at MIT in 1967, and was appointed Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University later that year.

After appointments at Universities in Wisconsin and New York, Friedman became Professor of Mathematics at Ohio State University in 1977, where he is currently Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science Emeritus.

He was the 1984 recipient of the Alan T. Waterman award, covering all fields of science and engineering.

He is most well known for work in the foundations of mathematics, and pursues a variety of interests in philosophy, computer science, and music.

Professor Friedman resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Judith Schwartz.

Institutional Honorary Doctorate Degree for Prof Dr Harvey M. Friedman