September 5, 2013

Venue: Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, Ghent (refter)

10:00–10:45 Research Talk
Concept Calculus by professor Harvey M. Friedman Video

Friedman will start by describing the general program, then focus on nine consistency proofs, using objects and classes of objects (i.e., flat).
10:45–11:15 Break

11:15–12:15 Research talk
Concrete Mathematical Incompleteness by professor Harvey M. Friedman Video
Friedman will begin with his general program, then focus on finite sequences of positive integers and rational vectors.
12:15–14:00 Lunch

14:00–14:40 Short expository talks on professor Harvey M. Friedman's research in the foundations of mathematics by UGent researchers

Sam Sanders: Reverse mathematics Video
Florian Pelupessy: Adjacent Ramsey
Jeroen Van Der Meeren: Well partial orders
Andreas Weiermann: Finite forms

14:40–15:00 Break

15:00–15:30 Albert Visser: Friedman on Interpretations Video

15:30–15:40 Break

15:40–16:10 Ulrich Kohlenbach: On the Computational Content of Proofs that Use Ideal Elements Video

16:10–16:30 Break

16:30–17:00 Matthias Baaz: Towards a Proof Theory of Analogical Reasoning Video

17:00–17:10 Break

17:10–17:40 Ali Enayat: Variations on a theme by Friedman Video

17:40–18:00 Break

18:00–19:00 Piano recital 2 by Harvey M. Friedman Video

Nocturne No. 2 Chopin
Nocturne No. 20 Chopin
Waltz in Eb major Chopin
Minute Waltz Chopin
Waltz in C# minor Chopin
Fantasy Impromptu Chopin
Rhapsody in G minor Brahms
Stars and Stripes Forever Sousa/Horowitz
19:00–20:00 reception


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Lunchbreak (fee: 20 EUR)
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Institutional Honorary Doctorate Degree for Prof Dr Harvey M. Friedman