Research Groups

The research group Algebra studies group theory, non-associative algebraic structures, and combinatorial and applied algebraic geometry. This includes:

  • structurable algebras, linear algebraic groups and related structures in geometry and group theory;
  • finite groups, axial algebras and decomposition algebras;
  • totally disconnected locally compact groups;
  • combinatorial algebraic geometry;
  • applied algebraic geometry and algebraic statistics.

The research group Incidence Geometry studies incidence structures, Galois geometry and coding theory, with current research topics:

  • polar spaces,
  • generalised polygons,
  • near polygons,
  • buildings,
  • partial geometries and their generalisations,
  • projective embeddings and non-abelian representations of geometries,
  • special subsets in Galois spaces with their translations in terms of codes and links to cryptography.