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Research group Differential geometry and mechanics

Head of the research group
Frans Cantrijn
Members of the research group
Willy Sarlet
Mike Crampin
Bavo Langerock
Tom Mestdag
Goedele Waeyaert

Current research topics

Differential geometry applied to problems in mechanics and to the study of dynamical systems.
  • separability of systems of second-order equations
  • derivations of forms along a map
  • modelling of non-holonomic mechanics
  • geometric control theory
  • Lagrangian mechanics on Lie algebroids
  • generalisations of bi-Hamiltonian systems
  • the inverse problem of Lagrangian mechanics
  • symmetry and reduction of mechanical systems
  • theory and applications of connections
  • classical (nonholonomic) field theory
  • geometric fluid dynamics and control