Workshop 2005

Ghent, 21-27 August 2005

The sessions and the session-organisers are:

  1. Monday, August 22: Relativity (Giuseppe Marmo, Jose Cariñena) (in the context of "the year of physics")
  2. Tuesday, August 23: Short communications (Frans Cantrijn)
  3. Wednesday, August 24: Integrability & separability (Franco Magri, Alberto Ibort)
  4. Thursday, August 25: Symplectic connections (Simone Gutt, Michel Cahen)
  5. Friday, August 26: Applications of Lie algebroids (Manuel de León, Juan-Carlos Marrero, Eduardo Martínez)

Further details on the programme can be found here.

Inquiries can be addressed to

W. Sarlet
Department of Mathematical Physics and Astronomy
Ghent University
Krijgslaan 281 S9
9000 Gent, Belgium.