An Introduction

CAGe stands for Computer Algebra Gent and is the nick-name for a joint project of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and the Department of Pure Mathematics and Computer Algebra of the University of Ghent. The project is sponsored by the FGWO and FKFO, the associated funds of the National Fund for Scientific Research (NFWO) Belgium.

CAGe started in 1988 and the first goal was to acquire a broad spectrum of existing Computer Algebra systems and to install them on a network of Unix workstations where they can "communicate" with each other.

The facilities of the CAGe -network on Symbolic Computation are open to other interested research groups both at the RUG and other institutions.


You can get some of these reports through our FTP server. By clicking you will find the cage.sty file and some .tex and .ps files.
  1. Anonymous
    Introducing CAGe. February 1989
  2. K. Coolsaet
    Preliminary report on the programming language MIKE. February 1989.
  3. Denis Constales and Roland Puystjens
    Moore-Penrose inverses and matrix tools in MACSYMA. August 1989.
  4. Alexis De Vos
    The use of Reduce in solar enrgy conversion theory. August 1989.
  5. C. Thas
    A collection of REDUCE and MACSYMA programs about college geometry. Part 1. September 1989.
  6. C. Thas
    A MACSYMA package about plane geometry. April 1990.
  7. W. Sarlet and J. Vanden Bonne
    REDUCE-procedures for the study of adjoint summetries of second-order defifferential equations.
  8. F. De Clerck and C. Herssens
    Flocks of the quadratic cone in PG(3,q), for q small. December 1992.
  9. Alexis De Vos
    "Carnot engines, Groebner bases and all the winds on the Earth". March 1993
  10. A. Hoogewijs and T. Elnadi
    KARNAK An Automated Theorem Prover for PPC. October 1994.

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