Finite Geometry and its Application

From 3  to 14  April 2000, the  Socrates Intensive Course on Finite Geometry and its Applications has been organised at the University of Ghent in the same spirit as the course Galois Geometry and Generalized Polygons, organised in April 1998.

We wish to acknowledge financial support of the following institutes and associations:

Partners in this programme are:  The course has covered  the following topics given by experts in the field.
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  1. Embeddings of point-line geometries in projective spaces (H. Van Maldeghem and J. A. Thas; Ghent)
  2. Matrix techniques for strongly regular graphs and related geometries (W. Haemers; Tilburg)

  3. with an addendum by Sara Cauchie and Elisabeth Kuijken
  4. Prehistory and history of polar spaces and of generalized polygons (F. Buekenhout; Brussels)
  5. Nuclei in finite projective planes (F. Mazzocca, Caserta) (preliminary version of the notes in postscript)
  6. Partial spreads in finite projective spaces (L. Storme, Ghent and J. Eisfeld, Giessen)

  7. (preliminary version of the notes in postscript)
  8. On collineation groups of finite planes (A. Bonisoli, Potenza)

  9. with a first draft of an addendum by Koen Thas
  10. (Hyper)ovals and ovoids in projective spaces (M. Brown, Ghent)
Some extra information

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact the local organiser Frank De Clerck