My research is about generalizations of the concept of functions (say, from R^n to C) in the frameworks of functional analysis, nonstandard analysis and algebras of generalized functions. More specifically, the generalized functions in these frameworks generalize (and often contain a copy of) the space of Schwartz distributions, familiar to physicists.

Nonstandard analysis (NSA)

Nonstandard analysis is a rigorous foundation for the infinitesimal calculus used by mathematicians and physicists since the early days of mathematical analysis, but later rejected and replaced by Weierstrass' "epsilon delta"-approach, exactly because of the lack of rigour. NSA was developed in the 1960's by the logician Abraham Robinson as a direct application of model theory. The use of infinitesimal quantities brings with it significant simpliciations, intuitions and facilitation for invention in analysis.

Schwartz distributions

Schwartz distributions are an example of a generalization of the concept of functions. They originated from physics and contain the Dirac-delta distribution, which is zero outside the origin and for which the "area under the curve" is nevertheless equal to one (no classical function can satisfy these requirements). They are a particularly powerful tool in the study of linear partial differential equations. Some natural operations on functions (like the product) cannot be naturally defined on arbitrary distributions, which makes them sometimes less suited for nonlinear equations. Although different mathematical foundations for the distributions were developed in the 1950's, the functional analytic approach of Laurent Schwartz (which earned him a Fields Medal in 1950) is most widely used.

Algebras of generalized functions

Algebras of generalized functions (introduced under the impetus of the French mathematician J.-F. Colombeau) are a more recent approach to generalized functions than distributions. Distributions can in some sense be viewed as special cases. Moreover, a lot of operations that are not well-defined on distributions (like multiplication) are well-defined on the algebras. They find their main application in the study of partial differential equations with singular data or coefficients and in geometric problems, e.g. in General Relativity. The algebras are similar to algebras of nonstandard functions, and their structure is clarified by nonstandard principles in a "cheap" version of nonstandard analysis (as Terence Tao calls it).


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