Buildings, Groups and Algebras

Ghent, 14 - 15 October 2005

A conference in honour of Jacques Tits
on the occasion of his 75th birthday

Organizers: B. Mühlherr and H. Van Maldeghem

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the restaurant "Patijntje", Gordunakaai 91 in Gent, on Friday evening (October 14), and will be especially dedicated to Jacques Tits on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

We have chosen for the 27 EUR Menu (see There is an alternative menu (also for 27 EUR) for vegetarians. For either menu drinks are not included! I repeat the menus here, (it is in Flemish, but feel free to send us a translation in French and/or English and/or German!):

Rundscarpaccio met olijfolie, parmezaanskaas en rucola

Zalm in lasagneblad met groene kruidensaus

Dessert van de chef

For the vegetarians:

Groententaart met fris slaatje

Wok van seizoengroenten met sojasaus

Dessert van de chef

If you want to participate to the conference dinner, please write an email to to register before October 6, 2005. You can pay on October 14, but for obvious reasons we would appreciate that everybody who registers also shows up at the dinner! We have chosen a rather economical menu and hope that the price will not stop anybody from participating. We have not included the drinks in the menu so that any person not drinking wine is not paying for it either. To be prepared, here are the prices of some drinks: complete with suitable wines: 11.20 EUR; half liter bottle of water: 3.70 EUR; soft drink: 1.90 EUR; 33 cc beer: 2.50 EUR; coffee/tea: 2.30 EUR.

The restaurant is at walking distance from the station, and hence also within walking distance from the hotels Ascona and Astoria, although the walk is slightly longer (but perfect for digestion).

Here is a list of those who already registered for this celebration dinner. If you want to participate and you do not find your name, then please register. Those taking the vegetarian menu are marked with a (V). Please check whether this is accurately noted below for your name.

  • Jacques and Marie-Jeanne Tits
  • Francis and Monique Buekenhout
  • Jean-Pierre Serre
  • Gopal Prasad
  • Richard Weiss
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace
  • Tom De Medts
  • Bertrand Rémy
  • Bernhard Mühlherr
  • Hendrik Van Maldeghem
  • Tony Springer
  • Bernd Baumann
  • Scott Murray
  • Eva Bayer
  • Jeroen Schillewaert
  • Antonio Pasini
  • Ernie and Jiang Shult
  • Mark Ronan
  • Jef and Laurette Thas
  • Koen en Nathalie Thas
  • Ralf Gramlich
  • Kristina Altmann
  • Linus Kramer
  • Aude Nguyen
  • Arjeh Cohen
  • Stefaan De Winter
  • Johannes Ueberberg
  • Christoph Hering
  • Jean-Yves Hée
  • Jean Doyen
  • Anne Delandtsheer
  • Tobias Döhler
  • Sebastian Holzmann
  • Simon Huggenberger
  • Alice Devillers
  • Sergei Haller
  • Theo Grundhöfer
  • François Digne
  • Alina Freing
  • Sven Herzberg
  • Mathieu Carette
  • Frédéric Haglund
  • Rudolf Scharlau
  • Philippe and Maria Caterina Cara
  • Christian Ohn
  • Guntram Hainke
  • Markus Stroppel
  • Barbara Baumeister
  • Manfred Karbe
  • Eduard Looijenga and partner

(last update: October 10, 2005)

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