I am a 30 year old post-doc currently working at the Department of Mathematics of Ghent University. For more information on my research see below or use the links on the left.

Research Interests

My research mostly concerns buildings from different points of view, more specifically :

  • Moufang sets,
  • Generalized polygons and the associated algebraic structures,
  • Affine buildings,
  • CAT(0)-spaces and groups acting on these,
  • ... and various incidence geometrical, geometric group theoretical and related topics.


Preprints of these can be found on Arxiv, or obtained by contacting me.

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  18. K. Struyve. Rigidity at infinity of trees and affine buildings, to appear in Transform. Groups, 8 pp.
  19. J. Schillewaert and K. Struyve. A characterization for d-uple Veronese varieties, to appear in C. R. Math., 7 pp.

Contact Information

e-mail : kstruyve -at- cage.ugent.be

tel : ++32--9--264--49--57.

Department of Mathematics
Ghent University
Krijgslaan 281, S22
B-9000 Ghent