This group-blog tries to collect and discuss everything related to the Field with one element. It grew out of two seminars held in the fall of 2008, the F_un study seminar at the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn (Germany) and the ARTs seminar at Antwerp University (Belgium).

How not to get lost?

There are three main categories, available from the header : levels, media and papers.

The typical media-post is short and often links to material to be found elsewhere, such as : announcements of events, video-footage of lectures, external blog-posts on F_un, quotes, interviews, columns etc.

More elaborate posts, discussing some aspect of F_un-mathematics, belong to at least two subcategories : a level-subcategory indicating the intended public for the post (resp. outreach for posts aiming at the general public, undergraduate resp. graduate aiming at the better (under)graduate mathematics student or research for posts aiming at the expert or discussing ongoing research, and in addition, some paper-subcategories, one for every paper mentioned in the post and contained in our F_un library (where you can find PDF-versions of all papers as well as links to external blog-posts we could find about the paper). So, if you are interested in a particular paper, clicking the corresponding paper-subcategory link you will get all posts mentioning that paper.

Further, you can always search this blog’s content from the search window in the header.

How can you contribute?

We would appreciate getting feedback from comments. At the bottom of every post-page there is a small window where you can leave a comment. You will have to fill in a nickname and an email address (the other fields are optional) and your first comment will need to be approved. So, do not panick if your first comment doesnt appear at once. Once you have one comment approved, further comments you make will be published instantly.

There is also a possibility to leave a video-comment. After clicking that button you will be asked to locate your webcam (for MacBook-owners choose the ‘USB Video Class Video’ option) after which you can press record and have your say. After stopping the recording press the Next-button (bottom right) and give your comment a title and optionally tags and click on Finish.

If you want to write posts for this blog, great! Send a mail to lieven.lebruyn@ua.ac.be and you will be given author-privileges.

As our own interests center around the development of algebraic geometry over the field with one element, and its applications to noncommutative geometry, in particular to the Bost-Connes system, we are particularly looking for people with an interest in F_un from a different perspective : zeta-functions, finite geometry, number theory, category theory, etc.