Sep 21, 2008


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Yuri I. Manin : Cyclotomy and analytic geometry over F_un, arXived on September 9th, 2008 arXiv:0809.1564v1

Sep 21, 2008


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Alain Connes and Caterina Consani : On the notion of geometry over F_un, arXived on September 17th,200b as arXiv:0809.2926

Sep 21, 2008


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Alain Connes, Caterina Consani and Matilde Marcolli : Fun with F_un, arXived on June 14th, 2000 as arXiv:0806.2401

Sep 21, 2008


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Nikolai Durov : New Approach to Arakelov Geometry, arXived April 16th, 2007 arXiv:0704.2030v1

Sep 21, 2008


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Yuri I. Manin : The notion of dimension in geometry and algebra, Bull. AMS 43 (2006) 139-161.

Sep 21, 2008


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Anton Deitmar : F_un schemes and toric varieties, arXived on August 7th,2006 as arXiv:math.NT/0608179

Sep 21, 2008


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Anton Deitmar : Remarks on zeta-functions and K-theory over F_un, arXived on May, 16th 2006 as arXiv:math/0605429

Sep 21, 2008


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M.J. Shai Haran : Non-additive geometry, Compositio Math. 143 (2007) 618-688

Sep 21, 2008


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Bertrand Toen and Michel Vaquie : Au-dessous de Spec(Z), arXived on Sepember 29th, 2005 as arXiv:math/0509684

Sep 21, 2008


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Anton Deitmar : Schemes over F_un, arXived on April 8th, 2004 arXiv:math/0404185v7