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The email-spam filter of the university of antwerp is incredibly strong. It detects all sorts of dubious extensions, such as “mpg” for ‘moving picture experts group’, the standard video-format, saving us from unpleasant surprises in our inboxes.

Little do our highly paid IC-experts know of the fact that MPG may also stand for the Max Planck Gesellschaft and that the string .mpg. is contained in all official email-addresses coming from the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn

This almost prematurely killed this blog.

It all started with Javier’s comment telling that they were planning to run a F_un seminar at the MPI. I had already promised to give a couple of talks at our ARTs seminar and as the Manin and Connes-Consani papers hit the arXiv a few days before, I thought it might be fun (no pun intended) to talk about them (or better, starting from them).

I asked Javier whether they were interested in setting up a blog that could serve as a vehicle to have some interaction between the two seminars. But I’ve made blog-proposals before leading nowhere, so I set up a small test-blog to show what I had in mind.

I copy/pasted a few older F_un posts from neverendingbooks to the new blog and didn’t care to remove links to other blogs which resulted in a few unwanted trackbacks in the comments of the Field with one element post over at the Secret Blogging Seminar.

Suddenly, the test-site got several hits daily coming from the SBS, while I wasn’t getting any feedback from the MPI, so after a week I chmodded the entry page and forgot the whole project.

Last friday afternoon, Javier used his Granada-account to ask whether I did receive his emails on the blog-project (quod non, via ‘mpg’). As their seminar was scheduled to start the next tuesday we decided on the spot to resurrect the test-blog and make it publicly available (we didn’t even have an ‘about’ page at the time…).

As math-blogging is a pretty small community, the F_un blog was inevitably discovered early on and thanks to generous links provided by David Corfield at the n-category cafe and Peter Woit at Not Even Wrong more people are coming here than we ever anticipated. Below the stats at 5 pm Brussels-time, precisely 1 week after start-up (you can see the effect of David’s evening-post on october 5th and Peter’s evening(in Europe)-post on october 8th).

Now that we’re pretty sure that everyone who might be interested in this blog knows of its existence, we ‘only’ have to provide content. Speaking of which, we are still looking for people willing to join the project!

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