This meeting will take place on the Sterre Campus (Krijgslaan 281) of Ghent University (Belgium) from May 20 (Friday) to May 22 (Sunday), 2005.

See below for the Satellite meetings "Groupe de contact FNRS'' on Logic and Model Theory (organizer: Françoise Point)

                                                        "Seminar Social Choice Theory" (organizer: Harrie De Swart)

which also take place in Ghent, on Friday morning May 20.


The Brouwer Medal is given by the KWG.

Furthermore, there are evening leisure-lectures by


The talks in the special sessions are given by people invited by the organizers of these sessions. These talks will be between 25 and 55 minutes. We regret that there are not enough funds for the travel expenses and for the accommodation of all speakers in the Special Sessions. More details about the sessions are gathered below in Paragraph 8.


The tentative schedule of the meeting looks as follows.

 Friday, May 20
 11.30 h - 13.30 h: Registration
 13.45 h - 14.00 h: Opening Ceremony
 14.00 h - 15.00 h: Yves Benoist: "Tilings in projective geometry"
 15.30 h - 17.30 h: Special Sessions a
 17.45 h - 18.45 h: Jean Doyen: "Mathematics Cinema Show"
 19.00 h :	    Meeting of Math. Society presidents

 Saturday, May 21
 08.00 h - 09.00 h: Registration
 09.00 h - 10.00 h: Françoise Point: "On commutative von Neumann regular difference rings"
 10.30 h - 12.30 h: Special Sessions b + Extra Session
 13.30 h - 14.25 h: Annual Meeting of the KWG
 14.00 h - 14.25 h: General Assembly of the BMS
 14.30 h - 16.00 h: Special Sessions a 
 16.30 h - 17.30 h: Burkard Polster: "Quasimodo's Cipher"
 17.45 h - 19.00 h: Brouwer Medal Ceremony/Brouwer Lecture by Lucien Birgé: "Statistical               
							estimation with model selection"                                
 19.00 h - 20.00 h: Reception
           20.15 h: Conference Dinner.

 Sunday, May 22
 09.00 h - 10.00 h: Jan Willem Klop: "A kaleidoscopic view on Process Algebra"
 10.20 h - 11.50 h: Special Sessions b
 12.00 h - 13.00 h: Frederic Campana : "The qualitative structure of projective manifolds  might nevertheless, be quite simple"                                


The Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society Simon Stevin will publish a special issue for the proceedings of the
conference containing invited papers of the plenary speakers and some speakers in the special sessions. The submission of the
latter papers is organized through, handled and decided by the session organizers.

The registration fee for the conference, to be paid on arrival, is 15 EURO and covers the Coffe/Tea breaks. Non-members of the Belgian Mathematical Society will have the opportunity to order a copy of the Proceedings at 10 EURO (per copy)

To register for the conference, click . You will then be required to fill in a short form. If you want us to book for you a hotel room, then you can complete the appropriate items on the registration form. We have made some pre-reservations already. The prices of the rooms vary between 65 and 87 EURO per night. In order to simplify administration, we will fill the rooms according to increasing prices. After registration, you will receive an email with the details of your reservation, which you will then have to confirm. Note that normally the prices are higher, especially in the center of the old town, but a substantial discount has been given because of the number of rooms we could already confirm. Note also that we do not ask for prepayments, but we count on the fact that people who register will also show up!

The deadline for registration is April 15, 2005. After this date, one can still show interest to attend the conference, but one has to take care of his/her own hotel reservation.

The conference dinner will take place on Saturday evening, May 21 in Restaurant LE SUD. During the conference there will be opportunities to register and pay for this dinner.

Travel directions can be found on (the location is Departments of Pure Mathematics).

Gent/Ghent is a historic city with a lot of places to visit! If you want to explore the possibilities, or you want to find out more about the town, then click

For quiries and more information contact


A. Hoogewijs (Ghent University), F. Loeser (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris), C. Molitor-Braun (University of Luxembourg), H. te Riele (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam), H. Van Maldeghem (Ghent University)


B. Hoogewijs and H. Van Maldeghem (both Ghent University)





(will be updated regularly)

I a : Differential Geometry

Section Organizers: Simone Gutt (Bruxelles, Belgium), Norbert Poncin (Luxembourg, GDLuxembourg), Martin Schlichemaier (Luxembourg, GDLuxembourg)

Session 1 (Friday 20 May) 

15.30-16.15 : Klaas Landsman (Nijmegen, Netherlands) : "Functoriality of quantization and the Guillemin-Sternberg conjecture"

16.10-16.50 : Christian Duval (Marseille, France) : "On projectively and conformally invariant star-products"

16.50-17.30 : Pierre Mathonet (Liege, Belgium) : "Natural and Equivariant Quantizations"


Session 2 (Saturday 21 May)

14.30-15.15 : Eric Leichtnam (Paris, France) : "Higher index theory on certain complete manifolds"

15.15-16.00 : Mohsen Masmoudi (Nancy, France) : "Covariant Formality"

I b : Algebraic Geometry

Section Organizer: Olivier Debarre (Strasbourg, France)

Session 1 (Saturday 21 May)

10.30-11.20: Gerard van der Geer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  : "Congruences between modular forms for genus 1 and genus 2"

11.30-12.20: Hélène Esnault (Duisburg-Essen, Deutschland) : "Congruences for rational points over finite fields" 


Session 2 (Sunday 22 May)


10.20-11.10 : Mihai Paun (Strasbourg, France) : "A generalization of the Kobayashi-Ochiai theorem" 

11.20-11.40 : Cinzia Casagrande (Pisa, Italy) : "The maximal Picard number of a toric Fano variety" 


II a :Coding Theory and Cryptography

Section Organizers: Anne Canteaut (INRIA-Rocquencourt, France), Henk van Tilborg (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Session 1 (Friday 20 May) 

15.30-15.55 : Magali Bardet-Turel (Univ. Paris 6, France) : "Complexity analysis of Gröbner bases computations for overdetermined systems, application to algebraic cryptanalysis." 

16.00-16.25 : Reinier Bröker (Leiden, Netherlands) : "Constructing elliptic curves for cryptography"

16.30-16.55 : Ellen Jochemsz (Eindhoven, Netherlands) : "Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA"

17.00-17.25 : An Braeken (Leuven, Belgium): "Algebraic Attacks on Stream Ciphers"

Session 2 (Saturday 21 May)  

14.30-14.55 : Ludovic Perret (ENSTA, Paris, France): "Algorithms for solving the isomorphism of polynomials with one secret problem"

15.00-15.25 : Christopher Wolf (Leuven, Belgium) : "Multivariate Public Key Schemes and Their Key Spaces"

15.30-15.55 : Daniel Augot (INRIA, France) : "Decoding cyclic codes with algebraic systems."


II b : Mathematical Statistics

Section Organizers: Richard Gill (Utrecht, Netherlands), Marc Hallin (Bruxelles, Belgium), Pascal Massart (Paris)

session 1 (Saturday 21 May) --- Nonparametric estimation

chair : Pascal Massart (Paris)

10.30-11.20 : Jon A. Wellner (Univ. Washington, Seattle, US): "Maximum likelihood: counterexamples, examples, and open problems"

Chair: Richard Gill (Utrecht, Netherlands)

11.30-11.55 : Roel Braekers (Limburg Universitair Centrum, Belgium): "A non-parametric copula-graphic estimator for the conditional survival function under dependent censoring"

12.00-12.25 : Davy Paindaveine (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium): "A class of affine-equivariant rank-based estimators for the shape of an elliptical distribution"

Session 2 (Sunday 22 May) --- Testing and modelling

chair : Marc Hallin (Bruxelles, Belgium)

10.20-10.45 : Gérard Biau (Univ. Montpellier 2, France): "On an L_1-test statistic of homogeneity"

10.50-11.15 : Patricia Reynaud (CNRS, Paris, France): "Hawkes processes or how to detect preferred and rejected distances between words along the DNA sequence"

11.20-11.45 : Eric Cator (Delft TU, Netherlands): "Coarsening at random: a duality problem in L^1"

III a : Harmonic Analysis

Section Organizers: Bachir Bekka (Rennes, France), Carine Molitor (Luxembourg, GDLuxembourg), Alain Valette (Neuchâtel, Switserland)

Session 1 (Friday 20 May) 

15.30-16.20 : Stefaan Vaes (Paris and KULeuven) :  "Boundary actions and exactness for some discrete quantum groups"

16.30-17.20 : Bertrand Remy (Lyon) : "Representation theoretic tools for automorphisms of buildings, with applications"


Session 2 (Saturday 21 May)  

14.30-15.10 : Emmanuel Breuillard (IHES) : "The asymptotic shape of metric balls in locally compact groups of polynomial growth and ergodic theory"

15.20-16.00 : Yves de Cornulier (EPFL and Neuchâtel) : "Group properties of Kazhdan groups"


III b : Partial Differential Equations

Section Organizers: Gilles Lebeau (Nice, France), Paul Godin (Bruxelles, Belgium)


Session 1 (Saturday 21 May)

10.30-11.20 : Serge Alinhac (Paris XI, France) : "On the Morawetz/KSS inequality for the wave equation on a curved background"

11.30-11.55 : Florent Berthelin (Nice, France) : "High-field limit from a kinetic equation to multidimensional scalar conservation laws"

12.00-12.25 : Denis Bonheure (UCLouvain, Belgium) : "Positive solutions of superlinear indefinite elliptic problems"


Session 2 (Sunday 22 May)

10.20-11.10 : Guido Sweers (T.U. Delft, Netherlands) : "A fourth order p.d.e. of Jacob II Bernoulli revisited"

11.20-11.45 : Jean Van Schaftingen (UCLouvain, Belgium) : "L^1 estimates for vector fields"


IV a : Computer Science

Section Organizers: Bert Hoogewijs (Gent, Belgium), Jan Willem Klop (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Saturday 21 May

14.30-15.10 : Sara Van Langenhove (Gent, Belgium) : "Protocol Conformance through Refinement Mappings in Cadence SMV"

15.20-16.00 : Geert Vernaeve (Gent, Belgium) : "A finitary relative equiconsistency proof of a first-order calculus for partially defined terms"

SubsectionMath Applied, organized by Rik Janssen (Technology Foundation STW, Utrecht, Netherlands)

 Session (Friday 20 May)

15.30-15.45 : Gudron Geuze (Nijmegen. Netherlands) : " The Quest for better Probability Upper Bounds "

15.45-16.00 : Marie-Colette van Lieshout (CWI Amsterdam, Netherlands) : " Markov Sequential Spatial Processes"

16.05-16.20 : Dragan Vidovic (Delft, Netherlands) : "Unified computing methods for compressible and incompressible flows on staggered unstructured grids "

16.20-16.35 : Man Nguyen (TUEindhoven, Netherlands) : " Construction of strength-3 orthogonal arrays using symmetry"

16.40-16.55 : Arie de Niet (RUGroningen, Netherlands) : " Solving Linear Systems from Ocean Circulation"

16.55-17.10 : Karel Keesman (Wageningen, Netherlands) : " Modelling and Control of Flows"

IV b : History of Mathematics

Section Organizer: Gerard Alberts (Netherlands),  Maarten Bullynck (Gent, Belgium), Catherine Goldstein (Paris, France)

Session 1 (Saturday 21 May)

10.30-10.55: Karin Reich (Hamburg, Germany): "C.F. Gauss and the beginnings of invariant theory" 

11.00-11.25: Liliane Alfonsi (Paris, France) : "Algebraic analysis and the use of indeterminate coefficients by Etienne Bézout (1730-1783)"

11.30-11.55: Danny Beckers (Nijmegen-Maastricht, Netherlands) : "Elementary mathematics education in the Netherlands ca. 1800: new challenges, changing goals"

12.00-12.25: Maarten Bullynck (Gent, Belgium) : "On some algorithmic aspects in Gauss's Disquisitiones"

Session 2 (Sunday 22 May)

10.20-10.45: Albrecht Heeffer (Gent, Belgium) : "The rhetoric of problems in Euler's algebra"

10.50-11.15: Steven Wepster (Utrecht, Netherlands) : "Spreadsheets and model fitting in the 1750's"

11.20-11.45: Frédéric Brechenmacher (Paris, France) : "A mathematical controversy and the writing of an history: the discussion about small variations (1760-1860) from the perspective of 1874 Kronecker's "new algebra""

V a : Non Commutative Algebra

Section Organizers: Jacques Alev (Reims), Lieven Le Bruyn (Antwerpen)

session 1 (Friday 20 May) --- chair : Jacques Alev (Univ. Reims)

15.30-16.25 : Iain Gordon (Glasgow, United Kingdom) : "Rational Cherednik algebras and resolutions of symplectic

16.25-16.35 : break

16.35-17.30 : Olivier Schiffmann (ENS Paris, France) : "Elliptic Hall algebras and spherical Cherednik algebras"


Session 2 (Saturday 21 May) --- chair : Lieven Le Bruyn (Univ. Antwerp)

14.30-15.15 : Markus Reineke (Munster, Germany) : "Geometry of Quiver Moduli"

15.15-16.00 : Raf Bocklandt & Geert Van de Weyer (Antwerp, Belgium) : "The power of slicing in noncommutative geometry"


V b : Model Theory

Section Organizers: Zoe Chatzidakis (CNRS, Paris 7), Françoise Point (FNRS and Université de Mons-Hainaut)

Session 1 (Saturday 21 May)

10.30-11.20: Lou van den Dries (Urbana, USA): "Model theory of fields with a small multiplicative group"

11.30-11.55: Raf Cluckers (Leuven, Belgium): "A notion of tame topology for Henselian valued fields of characteristic zero"

12.00-12.25: Alexandre Rambaud (Paris 7, France): "O-minimality, quantifier elimination and quasi-analycity"


Session 2 (Sunday 22 May)

10.20-10.45: Marcus Tressl (Regensburg, Germany): "Algebraization of Rings of Continuous Functions and o-minimal structures on super real-fields"

10.50-11.15: Franck Benoist (Paris 7, France): "Additional structure on algebraic groups in a field with a Hasse derivation"

11.20-11.45: Zahidi Karim (Antwerp, Belgium): "On the complexity of undecidable formulas over the rationals"


Extra Session : Education

Section Organizers: Dirk Siersma (Utrecht, Netherlands)

This session will be held on Saturday, 10.30-12.30 and 14.30-16.00.

Session 1:

10.30: Opening

10.35-11.15 Dirk Janssens (Leuven, Belgium) en Luc Van de Poele (Gent, Belgium): "Society, Mathematics Education and PISA with an application
to the results in Flanders"

11.20-11.40 Françoise Van Dieren (Bruxelles, Belgium): "Analyse de quelques questions significatives du test,
commentaires sur les résultats des élèves de la Communauté Fançaise de Belgique"
[in french]

11.45-12.25 Rainer Kaenders (Nijmegen, The Netherlands): "Antididactical omissions in Dutch mathematics teaching at
pre-university level"

Session 2:

14.30-14.50 Yves Olivier (Tours, France): "What PISA results can tell us in France"

14.50-15.10 L.-F. Feiner (Eindhoven, The Netherlands): "Mathematical literacy versus mathematics: the PISA 2003 survey"

15.10-16.00 Discussion between panel and participants.



 A. Groupe de Contact du F.N.R.S.

There will be a "groupe de contact FNRS" on Logic and Model Theory on Friday morning, May 20, also taking place in Ghent, in Lecture room Nr. 14, S22, Campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan 281.


09h00-09h30 Welcome

09h30-10h20 Françoise Delon (C.N.R.S., Paris 7, France): "Definable groups in non perfect separably closed fields"

10h30-11h20 Paola d’Aquino (Seconda Universita di Napoli, Italy): "Quadratic forms in weak fragments of arithmetic"

11h30-12h20 Alex Wilkie (Oxford, United Kingdom): "Spaces of definable functions and the Yomdin-Gromov reparameterization lemma in an o-minimal setting"

(see also


B. Seminar Social Choice Theory.

Organized by Harry De Swart. It takes place on Friday morning, May 20, Lecture room Nr. 36, S22, Campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan 281.


11h00-12h00 Peyton Young (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore) : " Simple Methods for Learning Nash Equilibrium in General Games "

12h00-13h00 Rob Bosch (KMA, Breda) : " How to measure consensus "



The advertisement poster for this conference can be downloaded here (26MB) (right click and "save link target as" to download).