Colloquium on
finite geometry, coding theory and cryptography

Friday, November 7, 2014

Poster and abstracts

9h30: welcome coffee

10h00: Roland D. Barrolleta (Universitat autònoma de Barcelona)
Partial permutation decoding for binary Hadamard codes

11h00: Emilio Suárez-Canedo (Universitat autònoma de Barcelona)
About a class of Hadamard Propelinear Codes

11h45: lunch

13h15: Gábor Fodor (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Fingerprinting codes and their limits

14h15: Andrea Švob (University of Rijeka)
On some transitive combinatorial structures and codes constructed from the symplectic group S(6,2)

15h00: coffee

15h30: Wouter Castryck (Ghent University)
Some two-torsion issues for curves in characteristic two

16h30: Johann A. Briffa (University of Malta)
Codes for Synchronization Error Correction

Jan De Beule, Ann Dooms, Svetla Nikova, Bart Preneel, Vincent Rijmen and Leo Storme

Ghent University

Department of Mathematics
Krijgslaan 281, building S22
Lecture room A
9000 Gent

This colloquium has been supported by the WOG "Veilige ICT"
WOG stands for "wetenschappelijke onderzoeksgemeenschap" (scientific research network)
and is a programme of the Research Foundation Flanders (Belgium) (FWO),

Participation, lunch and coffee are for free, please register before October 31, 2014

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