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I’m about to write a series of posts on Borger’s notion of geometry over the field with one element using lambda-rings. Problem remains : where should I post them? Here, or elsewhere? In other words, are there any humans left here (or are the 50 to 60 daily hits robot-performed), and, more importantly, are any of those humans interested in reviving and revamping this site together?

Since the last activity here, there have been some interesting new Fun-developments, Connes and Consani posted at least two papers, Marcolli at least one, Manin put a new version of his cyclotomy paper online and there was even a ‘survey’-paper relating all different notions of Fun-geometry. So, imho, there’s plenty of new material to cover to keep the site going for a while. Interested in helping out?

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  1. I would find that interesting. Others probably too, e.g. F_1 is a theme in mathoverflow. Lack of visitors of this site could come from a use of preview-like functions on other sites, e.g. motivic stuff. Best, Thomas

  2. Yes, thanks, a lot! I would probably not be experienced enough to make interesting developments, but i would surely read everything with great interest.

    By the way, i’m keeping track of updates using the RSS feed, so I (and possibly many others) probably do not count as periodic “site access”.

  3. Yes, I am.

  4. Well, thanks, but actually I didnt want to ask whether people are interested in a Borger-F1-series of posts (i assume lots of people are) or reasons why there are only 60odd daily hits (in fact i’m surprised someone comes here at all when the site is dead for ages).

    The actual question I wanted to ask (and I made a small edit to the post) is whether anyone is interested in reviving the intended group-blog idea of this site, in other words, willing to contribute posts on F1-stuff.

    If not, I can always post on my own blog, and will do so.

  5. I liked your posts – when you had time to do them:) You should check out It just went beta today – you may be able to find some like-minded souls there. First end-to-end on-line community for math: forums, interest groups, blogs, jobs, open source software, and more.

  6. Hi Lieven,

    I am.

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