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Anyone interested?

Posted By lievenlb On January 21, 2010 @ 2:39 pm In news | 6 Comments

I’m about to write a series of posts on Borger’s notion of geometry over the field with one element using lambda-rings. Problem remains : where should I post them? Here, or elsewhere? In other words, are there any humans left here (or are the 50 to 60 daily hits robot-performed), and, more importantly, are any of those humans interested in reviving and revamping this site together?

Since the last activity here, there have been some interesting new Fun-developments, Connes and Consani posted at least two papers, Marcolli at least one, Manin put a new version of his cyclotomy paper online and there was even a ‘survey’-paper relating all different notions of Fun-geometry. So, imho, there’s plenty of new material to cover to keep the site going for a while. Interested in helping out?

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