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Picture of Alan Woods together with me in Oberwolfach.

Picture of the Oberwolfach seminar on new Trends in Goedelian Incompleteness and Combinatorics.

Picture of the Oberwolfach miniworkshop on Logic, Combinatorics and Independence Results.

I have professional experience in math, logic and CS, and beyond exact sciences I have interest in art painting and playing chess (Int. ELO about 2250).

Andreas Weiermann

Gewoon Hoogleraar (sedert 01.10.2018)

Vakgroep Wiskunde: Analysis, Logic and Discrete Mathematics
Ghent University
Krijgslaan 281 - Gebouw S8 third floor
B9000 Gent
tel: +3292644899
fax +3292644993
email assuming familiarity with beta reduction :-) (\lambda x.x)Andreas.Weierman(\lambda x.x)n@UGent.be

Current research projects:

Proof theory, subrecursive hierarchies, Term rewriting, well partial orderings, analytic combinatorics of the transfinite, Phase transitions for Goedel incompleteness.

Here a selection of some of my publications. MathScinet currently lists 79. DBLP provides a more detailed list .

Recent draft can be found on arxiv.

Administrative experiences

2010-2014: Head of the committee for teaching mathematics

2013: Member of the visitation committee for the mathematical sciences in the Netherlands

2012-: Every now and then I joined the beta workgroup and the onderzoeksraad for decisions about grants and projects

2016-: I am editor of the Springer series Trends in Logic.

National and International Grants and Awards

1985-1988: Grant of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

1995: HCM-grant of the EU

1998-2005: Heisenberg grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

1998-2000: Grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for funding the PhD project of I. Lepper

2002-2005: Grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for funding the PhD project of G. Lee

2002: Grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for a joint research project with A. Woods

2003: Rip project at Oberwolfach for a research project with A. Woods

2004 DFG project for joint research with Prof. Dr. T. Arai and Prof. Dr. H. Friedman.

2004 NWO project for joint research with Dr. Andrey Bovykin, Lorenzo Carlucci, and Gyesik Lee.

2006 NWO project for inviting Prof. Dr. Lev Gordeev as a guest Professor to Utrecht.

2006 Co-organizer of an Oberwolfach miniworkshop (0648b) on logic, combinatorics and independence results.

2006 NWO project for joint research with Prof. Dr. Dehornoy, Dr. Andrey Bovykin, Dr. Lorenzo Carlucci and Eran Omri.

2007 Invited participation at the MPI activity "Methods of Proof Theory in Mathematics" in Bonn (organizers are U. Kohlenbach, G. E. Mints and B. Z. Moroz)

2007 Templeton project for research on "exploring the infinite" over USD 91500

2007 FWO  project over EUR  13000

2007 FWO project for Michiel de Smet

2008 Royal society project jointly with Michael Rathjen

2009 UGent teaching innovation project over EUR 2300

2009 FWO project for continuing the joint research with Michael Rathjen

2010 Promotion to full professor

2017 A small research grant from the FWO.

2017 BOF onderzoeksproject jointly with Jasson Vindas.

2017 Templeton project jointly with Michael Rathjen, Olaf Beyersdorff and Peter Schuster.

2018 UGent promotor of an FWO granted Odysseus I project. Promotion to senior full professor. Invited guest researcher at the Hausdorff Institute in Bonn.

2020 FWO-FWF project joint with Juan Pablo Aguilera and David Fernandez Duque. FWO-SWF project joint with David Fernandez Duque and Thomas Studer.
2021 UGent promotor of an FWO granted Odysseus II project.

Preliminary address for zoom recordings of a lecture series on tangible incompleteness by Harvey M. Friedman

Non scientific activities

In 2014 I joined KGSRL in Gent and every now and then you find me there behind a chess board.
In 2017 I gave a simultan during the UGent 200 event. In my youth I published three chess problems in a refereed chess journal (DSZ).
You may give them a try! The first is mate in two from Deutsche Schachzeitung 10 (1980) p.351 (easy to solve):

The second is mate in two from Deutsche Schachzeitung 7 (1979) p.254 :

The third is self mate in two from Deutsche Schachzeitung 1 (1980) p.40:

I also like painting and paintings (e.g. the classics by Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and among more recent artists George Gallo, Gennadi Kirichenko, Sergei Toutounov and Chris De Clerqc).
In March 2015 I joined Art de Pinte artdepinte.be where some of pictures can be found in the gallery. My favorite subject is landscapes.

In March 2016 there was an exhibition in the public library in De Pinte. Here is the Poster I truly believe that art and mathematics fit nicely together and that creativity is one unifying element.
I do, for example, seascapes. This oil painting (80x80cm^2) is from 2016.

I also do drawings and watercolors. These trees have been drawn during LC 2017. Here is an impression from Scheldevelde along the cycling path from De Pinte to the Science campus. This ship
and this landscape

(which already won a small distinction) are more recent examples of water colours.
I concentrate on landscape but in the meantime I also learned to do plants, animals, figures and portraits. Here is, for example, a rose in oil (80x80cm^2).

Here is, for example, a rose in oil (80x80cm^2).

And here is a soft pastel
In case of interest more items can be found on deviantart.com (beautyandtruth) and pinterest.