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Author(s): Janos Barat, Alberto Del Fra, Stefano Innamorati, Leo Storme
Title: Minimal blocking sets in PG(2,8) and maximal partial spreads in PG(3,8)
Year: 2004
Journal: Des. Codes Cryptogr. 31 (2004), 15-26
Status: published
Keywords: finite projective spaces, blocking sets, partial spreads
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 51E14, 51E20, 51E21

Author(s): Janos Barat, Leo Storme
Title: Multiple blocking sets in PG$(n,q), n>=3$
Year: 2004
Journal: Des. Codes Cryptogr. 33 (2004), 5-21
Status: published
Keywords: multiple blocking sets, Baer subplanes, minihypers
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 51E20, 51E21

Author(s): Janos Barat, Yves Edel, Ray Hill, Leo Storme
Title: On complete caps in the projective geometries over F_3. II: New improvements
Year: 2004
Journal: J. Combin. Math. and Combin. Comput. 49 (2004), 9-31
Status: published
Keywords: caps, projective geometries
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 51E20, 51E22

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