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Author(s): Frank De Clerck, Nikias De Feyter
Title: A characterization of the sets of internal and external points of a conic
Year: 2005
Journal: European Journal of Combinatorics, 28 (2007), 1910 - 1921
Status: published
Keywords: interior points, exterior points, conic
MSC-Classification: 51E20, 05B25
Comment: GEOMETRIC AND ALGEBRAIC COMBINATORICS: Paper presented at the conference GAC3 (Oisterwijk 2005),
ScienceDirect - doi link

Author(s): Frank De Clerck, Stefaan De Winter, Elisabeth Kuijken, Cristina Tonesi
Title: Distance-regular (0,alpha)-reguli
Year: 2004
Journal: Designs, Codes and Cryptography
Status: published
Keywords: distance-regular graphs; semipartial geometries
MSC-Classification: 51E14 - 05B25 - 05E30
Designs, Codes and Cryptography, Vol 38 (2), 2006, 179-194

Author(s): Frank De Clerck, Nikias De Feyter, Joseph A. Thas
Title: Affine embeddings of (0,alpha)-geometries
Year: 2004
Journal: European Journal of Combinatorics
Status: published
Keywords: (0, alpha)-geometry, affine embedding
European Journal of Combinatorics, Vol 27 (1), January 2006, 74-78

Author(s): Frank De Clerck, Stefaan De Winter, Joseph A. Thas
Title: A characterization of the semipartial geometries T2*(U) and T2*(B)
Year: 2003
Journal: European J. Combin. 25, 73-85, 2004
Status: published
European J. Combin. 25 (1), January 2004, 73-85

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