I and my telescope

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Note that the English version will always be a bit behind of the Dutch version.

After having been a few member of the council of the Workgroup Astronomy of the University of Ghent (Belgium) I thought that it was becoming time at last to learn something about astronomy myself :-)
And since the best method to learn something is still doing it yourself, trying to build a telescope myself seemed the straightforward way to follow.
In these pages, I try to explain what I did and why. Much other pages on the net already exist about this subject, but most of them suppose you've already got some book with instructions; I on the otherhand did (almost) know nothing about the subject before I started this thing, and it shows :-) Also, I want not only to provide a practical recipe but explain too why each step is needed.
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This is what it should become:

This is the planning, in (I hope) more or less chronological order.

And this is what it really became:

Between dreaming and doing, we find the necessary technical problems. A report of the `activities' (what a nice word for trying to figure out how the hell everything works :-) ) performed is of course appropriate here.

The mirror

Grinding the mirror: first rough grinding, then fine grinding and finally polishing.

Computer drive


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