Buildings and Groups

May 20-26, 2007 - Ghent, Belgium

An international conference on "Buildings and Groups" will be held in Ghent (Belgium) from Sunday May 20th (arrival day) to Saturday May 26th (departure day).
The conference will focus on recent developments in the theory of buildings and their relation with group theory. There will also be mini-courses on topics ranging from buildings, affine buildings, Moufang sets, and Kac-Moody groups to twin buildings. Moreover, there will be several one-hour lectures given by leading researchers in the field of buildings and closely related topics. Several contributed (shorter) talks are envisaged as well.

The mini-courses will not only be suitable especially for graduate students and young researchers, but also for the established researcher interested in the recent developments in the theory of buildings.

The one-hour lectures will complement the mini-courses and emphasize recent results on topics that are very closely related to buildings: polar spaces, extended/finite/compact generalized polygons, diagram geometries, generalizations of buildings, group theoretic applications of affine buildings, amalgams,....


The mini-courses, each 4 hours, will be given by

K. Brown Approaches to Buildings abstract
P.-E. Caprace & B. Rémy Groups with a root group datum abstract
T. De Medts & Y. Segev Moufang Sets abstract
R. Weiss Classification of Affine Buildings abstract

Invited speakers

The invited speakers include


Please register for the conference by April 15th simply by sending an email to Hendrik.


There is no conference fee. Hotel prices in Ghent vary roughly from 55 EUR to 90 EUR for single rooms, and from 70 EUR to 100 EUR for a double room (per night). There are also a number of bed&breakfasts available. More details on these lodgings can be found here.
It would be our pleasure to arrange hotel reservations for you: simply mention the type of room you prefer (single or double), as well as the name of the person you will be sharing a room with in your registration email.

Additional Information


The "Building and Groups" Conference Proceedings will be published in a special issue of Innovations in Incidence Geometry. Each participant is more than welcome to submit a paper, which should be in line with the conference theme. The submission date will be announced during the conference.

Looking forward to seeing you in Ghent soon,

The organizers,
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