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Vakgroep Wiskunde
Universiteit Gent
Krijgslaan 281 - S22
B-9000 GENT

phone: 32 478366921
telefax: 32 9 264 49 93
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Prizes, Honors, Awards:

  • Scholarship European Research Associates S.A., 1965-66.

  • Award of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium, 1969.

  • Scientific Louis Empain Award, 1970.

  • Award Francois Deruyts of the Royal Academy of Belgium, 1970.

  • Member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (since 1988, Vice-director in 1998 and Director in 1999).

  • Euler 1994 Medal of the ICA (The Euler Medal of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications is the recognition for a distinguished lifetime career contribution to combinatorial research by a Fellow of the ICA who is still active in research).

  • Invited Speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin, 1998.

  • Erskine Fellowship 1999 of the University of Canterbury, Christchurch (New Zealand).

  • Elsevier Speaker at the conference "Finite Fields and Applications", Melbourne, Australia, 2007.

  • Platinum Jubilee Lecturer 2008 at the Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore).

  • Inaugural Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, honor in view of distinguished contributions to mathematics, 2012. 

    Books, Chapters in Books:

  • Een studie betreffende de projectieve rechte over de totale matrix algebra M_3(K) der 3 \times 3 -matrices met elementen in een algebra\"\i sch afgesloten veld K , Verh. Kon. Vl. Ac. voor Wet., Lett. en Sch. K. van Belgi\"e, Kl. der Wet. Jg. 31, nr. 112 (1969), 151pp.

  • Enkele aspecten van de theorie der axiomatische projectieve vlakken (with J. Bilo), Simon Stevin, Supplement 55 (1981), 144pp.

  • Finite generalized quadrangles (with S.E. Payne), Research Notes in Mathematics 110, Pitman Publ. Inc., Boston-London-Melbourne 1984, 318pp.

  • General Galois geometries (with J.W.P. Hirschfeld), Oxford University Press, Oxford 1991, 424pp.

  • Two chapters in `` Handbook of incidence geometry '', Editor F. Buekenhout, North-Holland, 1995. Titles of chapters: `` Projective geometry over a finite field '' (pp295-347) and `` Generalized polygons '' (pp383-431).

  • Translation Generalized Quadrangles (with K. Thas and H. Van Maldeghem), Series in Pure Mathematics - Vol. 26, World Scientific, Singapore 2006, 376 pp.

  • Finite Generalized Quadrangles, second edition (with S.E. Payne), European Mathematical Society, EMS Series of Lectures in Mathematics, Zurich 2009, 287 pp.

  • General Galois Geometries, second edition (with J.W.P. Hirschfeld), Springer Verlag, London, 2016, xvi + 409 pp. 

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