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Author(s): , Anurag Bishnoi, Pete L. Clark, Aditya Potukuchi, John R. Schmitt
Title: On zeros of a polynomial in a finite grid
Year: 2015
Status: submitted
Keywords: polynomial method, Reed-Muller code, Schwartz-Zippel lemma, blockng set, partial cover
MSC-Classification: 05E40, 11T06, 11T71, 51E20, 51E21
Files: AlonFuredi.pdf

Author(s): Kris Coolsaet, Jan De Beule, Alessandro Siciliano
Title: The known maximal partial ovoids of size q2-1 of Q(4,q).
Year: 2011
Journal: J. Comb. Des.
Status: accepted
Keywords: maximal partial ovoid, generalized quadrangle, parabolic quadric, special linear group, SL(2,q), transitive subset, spread set
Files: CDBSrevision2012jan19.pdf

Author(s): An De Wispelaere, Hans Cuypers, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: One-point extensions of generalized hexagons and octagons
Year: 2006
Journal: Discrete Mathematics
Status: accepted
Keywords: Split Cayley hexagon, Twisted triality hexagon, Ree-Tits octagon, one-point extension
Files: ext.pdf

Author(s): Miroslava Cimrakova, Jan De Beule, Veerle Fack
Title: On small minimal blocking sets in classical generalized quadrangles
Year: 2006
Journal: Discrete Applied Mathematics
Status: submitted
Keywords: blocking set, finite classical generalized quadrangle
Comment: file: use direct link on
preprintserver of CAAGT researchgroup

Author(s): Miroslava Cimrakova, Stefaan De Winter, Veerle Fack, Leo Storme
Title: On the smallest maximal partial ovoids and spreads of the generalized quadrangles W(q) and Q(4,q)
Year: 2005
Journal: European J. Combin.
Status: accepted
Files: artstefaanveerlemirkaleo7.pdf

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