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Author(s): Tom De Medts, Fabienne Haot, R. Knop, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: On the uniqueness of the unipotent subgroups of some Moufang sets
Year: 2004
Journal: Finite Geometries, Groups, and Computation, Proceedings of the conference
Status: published
Keywords: Moufang sets, BN-pairs
Files: uniqueU.pdf

Author(s): Elisabeth Kuijken, Cristina Tonesi
Title: Distance-regular graphs and (alpha, beta)-geometries
Year: 2003
Journal: Journal of Geometry
Status: published
Keywords: Incidence structures, distance-regular graphs
MSC-Classification: 51E30, 05C12
J. Geometry, Vol 82 (1-2), 2005, pp 135-145

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