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Author(s): J. Eisfeld, Leo Storme, Peter Sziklai
Title: Minimal covers of the Klein quadric
Year: 2001
Journal: J. Combin. Theory, Ser. A 95 (2001), 145-157
Status: published
Keywords: covers, Klein quadric
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 05B40, 51E20, 51E21

Author(s): James W.P. Hirschfeld, Leo Storme
Title: The packing problem in statistics, coding theory and finite projective spaces: update 2001
Year: 2001
Journal: Developments in Mathematics Vol. 3, Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Status: published
Keywords: projective spaces, substructures
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 05B40, 51E20
Comment: Finite Geometries, Proceedings of the Fourth Isle of Thorns Conference (Chelwood Gate, July 16-21, (Eds. A. Blokhuis, J.W.P. Hirschfeld, D. Jungnickel and J.A. Thas), pp. 201-246.

Author(s): Leo Storme, S.K.J. Vereecke
Title: The geometric description of a cyclic $(q-\sqrt{q}+1)$-arc in $PG(q-\sqrt{q}-3)$, $q$ square
Year: 2001
Journal: J. Statist. Planning and Inference 95 (2001), 315-333
Status: published
Keywords: arcs, MDS codes, cyclic groups, Hermitian varieties
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 51E20, 51E21, 95B15

Author(s): Leo Storme, Peter Sziklai
Title: Linear point sets and Redei type $k$-blocking sets in $PG(n,q)$
Year: 2001
Journal: J. Algebraic. Combin. 14 (2001), 221-228
Status: published
Keywords: Redei-type $k$-blocking sets, directions of functions, linear point sets
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 51E20, 51E21

Author(s): Matthew R. Brown, Jan De Beule, Leo Storme
Title: Maximal partial spreads of T_2(O) and T_3(O)
Year: 2001
Journal: European J. Combin , 24 (2003), no. 1, 73--84
Status: published
Keywords: generalized quadrangle, partial spread
ScienceDirect, link to journal issue

Author(s): Dieter Jungnickel, Leo Storme
Title: Packing and covering groups with subgroups
Year: 2001
Journal: J. Algebra 239 (2001), 191-214
Status: published
Keywords: partial spreads, covers, groups
MSC-Classification: 05B40

Author(s): J. Eisfeld, Leo Storme, Peter Sziklai, Tamas Szonyi
Title: Covers and blocking sets of classical generalized quadrangles
Year: 2001
Journal: Discr. Math. 238 (2001), 35-51
Status: published
Keywords: covers, blocking sets, generalized quadrangles
MSC-Classification: 05B25, 05B40, 51E20, 51E21

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