The ISAAC Congress hosts a number of sessions which promote communication of mathematical advances in analysis, its applications, and its interactions with computation, encouraging further research progress in the field.

List of sessions

  1. Applications of Dynamical Systems Theory in Biology
    Organizers: Torsten Lindström
  2. Challenges in STEM Education
    Organizers: Jan Guncaga, Vladimir Mityushev
  3. Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
    Organizers: Sergei Rogosin, Ahmet Okay Celebi, Carmen Judith Vanegas
  4. Complex Variables and Potential Theory
    Organizers: Tahir Aliyev Azeroglu, Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis, Anatoly Golberg, Sergiy Plaksa
  5. Constructive Methods in the Theory of Composite and Porous Media
    Organizers: Vladimir Mityushev, Natalia Rylko, Piotr Drygas
  6. Function spaces and their applications to nonlinear evolution equations
    Organizers: Baoxiang Wang, Mitsuru Sugimoto
  7. Generalized Functions and Applications
    Organizers: Michael Kunzinger,  Marko Nedeljkov
  8. Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
    Organizers: Vladimir Georgiev, Michael Ruzhansky, Jens Wirth
  9. Integral Transforms and Reproducing Kernels
    Organizers: Zouhaïr Mouayn
  10. Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis
    Organizers: Alexey Karapetyants, Vladislav Kravchenko
  11. Operator Theory and Time-dependent PDEs
    Organizers: Marcus Waurick
  12. Partial differential equations on curved spacetimes
    Organizers: Anahit Galstyan, Makoto Nakamura, Karen Yagdjian
  13. Pseudo Differential Operators
    Organizers: Man Wah Wong
  14. Quaternionic and Clifford Analysis
    Organizers: Swanhild Bernstein, Uwe Kähler, Irene Sabadini, Franciscus Sommen
  15. Recent Progress in Evolution Equations
    Organizers: Marcello D'Abbicco, Marcelo Rempel Ebert
  16. Wavelet theory and its Related Topics
    Organizers: Keiko Fujita, Akira Morimoto