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I was a post-doctoral assistent at the Department of Mathematical Analysis. Now I work at Department of Textiles. I mainly work on convection-diffusion-reaction problems, using FEM, FVM and MOL approaches. In my free time, I do some genealogy, with a website where more information can be found, I also help maintain the python program that creates that website.

The problems I solve are chemical problems (adsorption profiles), metallurgy (phase changes), and textile related. I also worked with rapid prototyping to create a mathematical toy.
Furthermore, I like astronomy, so my name is on its way to the comets (in case my career isn't), and is sitting on the surface of Mars (certificate number 2773671)!


At present, I am working as a post-doc at Ghent University, Faculty of Engineering. I maintain several software projects related to this work.

  • DiffusionIT, generic nonlinear diffusion direct and inverse solver.
  • STICK, A toolkit to solve textile convection-diffusion problems
  • scikits.odes, A scipy scikit to interface the sundials solver via a simple syntax (like maple/matlab ode methods).
  • Centrifuge, Fluid flow through porous media in a centrifuge. This concerns moving boundary problems.
  • MicrochanIT, Solving microchannel mass transfer problems.
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