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Author(s): Pinar Anapa, Ibrahim Gunaltili, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: Planar and affine spaces
Year: 2009
Journal: Discrete Mathematics
Status: accepted
Keywords: Affine spaces
MSC-Classification: 51A
Files: planarspace.pdf

Author(s): Peter Abramenko, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: Intersection of Apartments
Year: 2009
Journal: Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A
Status: accepted
Keywords: Buildings
MSC-Classification: 51E24
Files: apartments.pdf

Author(s): Ziya Akca, Ayse Bayar, Suheyla Ekmekci, Rustem Kaya, Joseph A. Thas, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: Generalized lax Veronesean embeddings of projective spaces
Year: 2009
Status: submitted
Keywords: Quadric Veronesean
MSC-Classification: 51E
Files: GeneVeroLax.pdf

Author(s): Peter Abramenko, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: Combinatorial characterizations of convexity and apartments in
Year: 2004
Journal: Australas. J. Combin.
Status: accepted
Keywords: Tits buildings, convex sets of chambers, apartments, Weyl
MSC-Classification: 51E24, 20F55
Files: convex5.pdf

Author(s): A. Aguglia, Gary L. Ebert, Deirdre Luyckx
Title: On partial ovoids of Hermitian surfaces
Year: 2004
Journal: Simon Stevin -- Proceedings of the La Roche conference on Incidence Geometry
Status: accepted
Files: newpartovs.pdf

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