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Author(s): Tom De Medts, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: The uniqueness of a generalized hexagon of order 3 containing a subhexagon of order (1.3)
Year: 2007
Journal: Discrete Math.
Status: accepted
Keywords: generalized hexagon, split-Cayley hexagon
MSC-Classification: 51E12
Files: H3.pdf

Author(s): Tom De Medts, Yoav Segev
Title: Finite special Moufang sets of even characteristic
Year: 2007
Journal: Commun. Contemp. Math.
Status: published
Keywords: Moufang set, root group
MSC-Classification: 20E42, 20B20, 20D05
Files: ystd06.pdf

Author(s): Jan De Beule, Anja Hallez, Leo Storme
Title: A non-existence result on Cameron-Liebler line classes
Year: 2007
Journal: J. Comb. Des.
Status: published
Keywords: cameron-liebler lineclass, minihyper, spread
Comment: revised version. doi: 10.1002/jcd.20164
Files: revision1_submissionbyleo.pdf
JCD homepage (Wiley Interscience)

Author(s): Jan De Beule, Klaus Metsch, Leo Storme
Title: Characterization results on arbitrary non-weighted minihypers and linear codes meeting the Griesmer bound
Year: 2007
Journal: Des. Codes Crypt.
Status: published
Keywords: minihyper, Griesmer bound, blocking set
DCC homepage (SpringerLink)

Author(s): Tom De Medts, Katrin Tent
Title: Special abelian Moufang sets of finite Morley rank
Year: 2007
Journal: J. Group Theory
Status: accepted
Keywords: Moufang sets, BN-pairs, split doubly transitive groups, finite Morley rank
MSC-Classification: 03C45, 20E42, 03C60
Files: moufmorley.pdf

Author(s): Tom De Medts, Yoav Segev
Title: A course on Moufang sets
Year: 2007
Journal: Innov. Incidence Geom.
Status: accepted
Keywords: Moufang sets, BN-pairs, rank one groups, algebraic groups, Jordan algebras
MSC-Classification: 20E42, 51E24, 17C30, 20G15, 20B22
Files: moufsets.pdf

Author(s): Tom De Medts, Ralf Gramlich, Max Horn
Title: Iwasawa decompositions of groups with a root group datum
Year: 2007
Journal: J. Lie Theory
Status: submitted
Files: iwasawa.pdf

Author(s): Tom De Medts, Marius Tarnauceanu
Title: Finite groups determined by an inequality of the orders of their subgroups
Year: 2007
Journal: Bull. Belg. Math. Soc. Simon Stevin
Status: accepted
Keywords: finite groups, subgroup lattices, number of subgroups, deficient numbers, perfect numbers
MSC-Classification: 20D60, 20D30, 11A25, 11A99
Files: ineqgroups.pdf

Author(s): Joris de Kaey, Alan Offer, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Title: On a characterization of the finite twisted triality hexagons using one classical ideal Cayley subhexagon
Year: 2006
Journal: Innovations in Incidence Geometry
Status: published
Keywords: generalized hexagons
MSC-Classification: 51E12

Author(s): Frank De Clerck, Nikias De Feyter
Title: On connected line sets of antiflag class [0,a,q] in AG(n,q)
Year: 2006
Journal: European Journal of Combinatorics 29 (2008) 14271435
Status: published
Keywords: affine geometries, projections of quadrics
MSC-Classification: 51E20
Files: European Journal of Combinatorics 2008 De Clerck.pdf

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