Former research group Differential geometry and mechanics

Former members of the research group
Willy Sarlet
Frans Cantrijn
Tom Mestdag
Mike Crampin
Eduardo García-Toraño Andrés
Goedele Waeyaert
Bavo Langerock
Joris Vankerschaver  
Fien Vermeire
Ann Vandecasteele

Research topics

Differential geometry applied to problems in mechanics and to the study of dynamical systems.
  • separability of systems of second-order equations
  • derivations of forms along a map
  • modelling of non-holonomic mechanics
  • geometric control theory
  • Lagrangian mechanics on Lie algebroids
  • generalisations of bi-Hamiltonian systems
  • the inverse problem of Lagrangian mechanics
  • symmetry and reduction of mechanical systems
  • theory and applications of connections
  • classical (nonholonomic) field theory
  • geometric fluid dynamics and control