Research Groups

  • The research group Incidence Geometry studies incidence structures, Galois geometry and coding theory, with current research topics: polar spaces, generalised polygons, near polygons, buildings, partial geometries and their generalisations, projective embeddings and non-abelian representations of geometries, special subsets in Galois spaces with their translations in terms of codes and links to cryptography.

  • The research group Logic and Analysis studies mathematical analysis, logic, analytic number theory, computer science and their interrelations. Current research includes generalised function theory, nonstandard analysis, logical limit laws, phase transitions for Gödel incompleteness, computer assisted proving and dynamical systems.

  • The research group Analysis & PDE's  studies functional analysis, non-commutative analysis, spectral theory, PDE’s, harmonic analysis, subelliptic analysis, function spaces, pseudo-differential operators, fractional derivatives, microlocal analysis, and nonharmonic analysis. We are also interested in numerical aspects of the above research and in its applications.