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Wengenroth: Extension operators for spaces of smooth functions andWhitney jets
Colombo: Applications of the spectral theory on the S-spectrum to fractional diffusion problems
Erceg: Existence of strong traces for entropy solutions ofdegenerate parabolic equations
Boyadzhiev: Strong maximum principle for nonlinear cooperative ellipticsystems with non-linear principal symbol
Rakic: Wavelet expansions in Gelfand Shilov spaces
Dimovski: Glimpse of Translation – Modulation Invariant Banach Spaces of generalized functions
MinchevaKaminska: Certain results on the existence of the convolution of Roumieu ultradistributions
Federico: Smoothing and Strichartz estimates for degenerate Schrödinger-type equations
Loosveldt: What are continuously differentiable functions on compact sets?
Marti: Multiparametric generalized algebras and applications

Kunzinger: Singularity Theorems in General Relativity and Distributional Geometry
Hwang: A complete characterization of Fujita’s blow-up solutions for discrete p-Laplacian parabolic equations
Melnikova: Gelfand–Shilov Classification of Semigroups Related to Random Processes
Kostic: Selected Topics in Almost Periodicity
Velinov: Some generalizations of the almost periodic functions
Estrada: The Fourier transform of thick distributions
Debruyne: Debruyne-The saddle-point method for general partition functions
Maksimovic: Directional short-time Fourier transform of ultradistributions
Broucke: Beurling integers with RH and large oscillation

Rainer: Ultradifferentiable extension theorems
Yang: Reconstruction of the one-dimensional thick distribution theory
Pattar: Global Well-posedness of a Class of Strictly Hyperbolic Cauchy Problems with Coefficients Non-Absolutely Continuous in Time
Singh, S.: Exact Solutions of Boussinesq Equation

Sugimoto: On a construction of self-similar solutions to nonlinear wave equations
Toft: Analytic pseudo-differential calculus via the Bargmann transform
Singh, A.: Paley-Wiener-Schwartz type theorem for the wavelet transform
Giordano: Recent results in generalized smooth functions theory
Tiwari: Hyper-power series and analytic generalized smooth functions
Mukhammadiev: A Fourier transform for all generalized functions
Kleiner: Convolution on Weighted Space sof Functions and Distributions
Trapasso: Dispersion, spreading and sparsity of Gabor wave packets
Hörmann: Dirac states on the Weyl algebra
Neyt: The nuclearity of Gelfand-Shilov spaces and kernel theorems

Prangoski: Ellipticity and the Fredholm property in the Weyl-Hörmander calculus
Teofanov: Certain aspects of bilinear operators
Kaminski: Forty five years of cooperation and friendship with Stevan Pilipović
Levajkovic: The stochastic heat equation with singular potential
Rajter-Ciric: On a nonlinear stochastic fractional heat equation
Zigic: Invertibility of matrix type operators of infinite order with exponential off-diagonal decay
Oparnica: Treating strong singularities in differential equations: very weak solution concept
Oberguggenberger: Colombeau solutions to stochastic hyperbolic systems

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